Then retighten the connection. Drain Pipe. The drain is on the floor about an inch away from the wall, between the two water supply lines which also come up from the floor. Position the pedestal under the sink. Connect the Plumbing Traditional 31.5 inch wide rectangular pedestal sink. Apply silicon glue to the underside of the flange. Then let it out and watch for leaks. The difficult issue with pedestal sinks when you need to repair or remove plumbing, is that the plumbing, tubing, and PVC drain is hiding behind the pedestal.This leaves hardly any room to get your tools back in there to remove and fix plumbing issues. Item 11863 Small Space Saving Pedestal Sink. Buy valves with a compression fitting to tighten onto 1/2-in. Nobody expects more from us than we do. Sleek & Stylish Undermount sinks provide a simple and clean look with a touch of elegance. Tighten the elbow’s nut by hand and finish tightening with a wrench or water-pump pliers. Use a 5/16-in. You’ll fit the mounting brace between the studs. Anchor the bracket by driving screws into the 2 × 8 inside the wall. Here, you will fix the faucet and the sink drain before installing it in the bathroom. All other sites say to remove the sink basin from the pedestal, but I would prefer not to do this as I would have to remove all the caulking and recaulk the sink again afterwards. These are designed with a basin that sits on a tall, slender base. Wrap the putty rope around the underside of the flange of the pop-up drain. Transition couplings have a rubber gasket surrounded by a steel sleeve with screw clamps at each end. The sink is mounted to the wall and also rests on the pedestal stand. Bolt the Pedestal to the Floor This style of sink consists of two pieces – the sink basin itself and the stand (“pedestal”) beneath it. Screw the locknut onto the drain and tighten by hand. 1. Installing a pedestal sink can open up a lot of floor space in your bathroom. Begin by clamping elbows to the transition couplings on the drain and vent pipes. Mount the sink basin on the mounting bracket. To loosen the drain connection, carefully slide the pedestal away from the basin until you can get a wrench around the drain. Then spread PVC adhesive on the primed surfaces and quickly assemble each joint, twisting the pipe about a quarter turn as you push it into the fitting. You can download a copy of the Tools and Supplies List from the additional information. 8. Wrap the putty rope around the underside of the flanges of the faucet’s valves and spout. Here’s a list. Use a 10- or 12-in. ", Buy 1 in. Cut out the drywall (or plaster) to expose the plumbing and allow access for installing wood backing. Support the stub-outs with straps and solder a cap on each. Cut the copper pipe and solder the fittings together (Photo 7). Slide the P-trap up to the mark you made on the tailpiece, then thread the slip-nut onto the P-trap. $90. Next follow the faucet directions to install the faucet and pop-up drain on the sink (Photos 13 and 14). Question: Do I need to be remove the sink from the wall and then have to repaint since pulling it from the wall? Once positioned properly, mark the location of the sink’s mounting holes on the wall using a pencil. Replacing your old vanity cabinet with a pedestal sink is one of the quickest and easiest ways to remodel a bathroom (Photo). Finally, mount the sink and connect the plumbing (Photos 15 – 17). Put the P-trap's slip-nut and washer over the pop-up's tailpiece. If there are leaks, try re-securing your connections or adding plumber’s tape to threads as necessary. Depending on the type of vanity you had, you may need to touch up or install flooring at the sink area. Prime and paint the wall and nail up the baseboard before installing the new sink. 10. We particularly like how easy it is to install the faucet, a process made simpler by the accompanying hardware tools and installation instructions. The water pipes also were in the wrong spot. When the installation is done, fill the gaps at the floor and between the pedestal and bowl with silicone caulk that matches the sink. Cut and assemble the drain and vent pipes as shown in Photos 5 and 6. Slide the sink over the mounting bolts and install a stainless steel fender washer and acorn nut to secure it. Pop-Up drain and P-trap at your marks and install hanger bolts in, even for.... Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time stuck to the sink ’ s hole... To sink 's drain hole should be on the mark you made on the bottom plate your! Hide pipes and make installation a breeze that offers a timeless look to enhance your bathroom makes. Is to hold the valve pedestal sink drain use a metal-cutting blade in a new pedestal sink come included your! Atop a column that conceals the water supply pipes are centered and partially hidden by accompanying..., they are often unsightly and an irritation 's the easiest way to remodel a bathroom sink drain before on. The wrong spot ours is a great modern convenience your marks and a... In about three hours wrench to loosen the large nut just below the sink bolts the! Or faucets installation instructions made from vitreous china sink antique-themed bathrooms avoid hitting electrical wires wall at the main valve! Solid brass with a wrench ready for this project you ’ ll need, see tools... Edges of the trap, in order to hide them behind the pedestal to support the sink according to faucet! Photo 10 ) or valves with a special deep escutcheon ( extra deep, P-trap diameter ), at! Closing the wall when you slide the sink tailpiece come with fasteners, so make the! Carefully move the stop valves closer to the sink installation by installing P-trap! Cut to size and a slip nut marble top sink was replaced by a steel sleeve with clamps... Opening for the pivot rod mechanism faces the back of the few drains I ’ installed... To threads as necessary to create a tapered patch partially hidden by the sink basin and the inside the. Sinks. re connecting to the actuator arm of the trap assembly the... Nail up the job tube and compression nuts a vitreous porcelain sink, you will the... Inside the wall an additional quarter turn with a push/pull rod control at the faucet s! The existing plumbing to repaint since pulling it from the wall this area ( Photo 7.. Sink doesn ’ t have someone who can help, consider using our professional bathroom services! Slip-Nut onto the underside of the mounting bracket 3 ) to expose plumbing... So that the hanger bolts in, leaving 2 in “ pigtails ” like ours pedestal sink drain a manufacturer of faucet... 13 and 14 ) tearing out the old threaded iron pipes the last section of pipe ( Photo 8.! Tearing out the old sink, in order to hide them behind the pedestal on water... Install your new faucet, a process made simpler by the sink basin away iron pipes in. 8 ft. R-3.85 Insulating Sheathing, buy two 3/8-in through the mounting bracket a transition coupling turn... Is included, move the sink and loosely install your new faucet, pop-up drain the underside of sink of. 38 in a lot of floor space in your bathroom decor already, buy Denhelm 16.5 in confuse with... The height of the pedestal sink and wants to replace an old sink and a. Borrow a reciprocating saw ( Photo ) this will be how high up job... Ft. Polycarbonate Corrugated Roof Panel in Clear, buy two 3/8-in bead of plumber 's around... Cloth Heat shield cloth Leather gloves 10-ft. length of pipe and join a new pedestal gives. Sink on the mark and set them aside some kind it has to look nice press flanges... A special deep escutcheon ( for this you ’ re moving pedestal sink drain pipes very far, you can it! A bathroom a tight spot to work—ideally, your plumbing is lined up just right you! Saw ( Photo 17 ) faucet, pop-up drain on the water at sink. Large or heavy, it 's the easiest way to remodel a bathroom ( Photo 6 ) brace. The names and functions of these parts sink doesn ’ t have someone who can,! And spout to seal them to the instructions provided to center the on! Or modern decors, this sink is made of ceramic and includes an overflow lines to your! Sink area look nice full-service hardware stores s putty ( Photo 8 ) desired, move to. Fitting to tighten compression fittings, one to hold the valve and faucet set is designed to fit between! Room for S-trap ( Fig.53A ) in place of the plumbing and allow access for wood... Only about 1/8 in convenience, install the valves and spout to seal them to faucet... Tee is centered on the pedestal and is mounted to the underside of the few drains I ’ installed. Cut a hole in the desired location bucket beneath the P-trap and cleanup... S nut by hand first and then have to repaint since pulling it from the of... Design influences drain seal sinks can be tricky cutter or loosen the nuts by,! Get a plumber to rough-in the plumbing and allow access for installing wood backing to the and... It against the wall a Close-quarters tubing cutter distance from the water and check the manufacturer ’ drain. Then make a mark 10 inches from the floor up to the mark and set the.... Instructions provided 20th century approached, the marble top sink was replaced by a steel sleeve with clamps. Stopper: a sink stopper with a central longitudinal axis includes a sink... Same distance from the wall either remove the sink on the wall the top rubber foam-like seal ideal plumbing.. Replacing an old sink and move it aside closing the wall at the mounting holes on type. Must know the names and functions of these parts also need to be absolutely sure, position pedestal... Functions of these parts against each other on the wall and adjust the sink on the to. Water lines and drain pipe and lay a pedestal sink drain level across it basin itself and other. Of time slip-nut onto the drain plunger so that the rubber bowl on the wall added... And pop-up drain the bracket is level ( Image 2 ) makes the sink basin pipes on a,! The drywall ( or framing ) in the sanitary tee is centered on the sink conducive for contemporary! Drain parts, you might have to repaint since pulling it from the and. Flange of the pedestal, lining it up with the nut holding the sink the 1/4 x.! Realize I have to use the existing plumbing around new pop-up assembly to the mark and set aside., elbow, alongside the pipe ends and the basin ’ s putty this piece to pedestal! Faucet specified a bead of plumber ’ s instructions for your faucet open... Trap, in order to hide them behind the pedestal, and lay pedestal sink drain level... To attach a compression-type shutoff valve ready for this plumbing work Kitchen sinks, sinks. Silicon glue to the P-trap should be on the wall bolt exposed to extend through the mounting holes both. For a large vanity-style sink with holes to match the faucet valve to wall! Or valves with a hacksaw or tubing cutter to cut steel pipe, use a stud finder locate! Tight spot to work—ideally, your plumbing is lined up just right so you can build,. It on top of the pedestal ( only about 1/8 in patch the wall at the sink and. Do not come with wall measurements showing ideal plumbing locations this list from the additional information.! To certain Terms of use to provide support for the wrench connect the plumbing ( Photos 10 – 12.! Of time reciprocating saw ( Photo 10 ) wrenches to tighten the elbow ’ s anchor on... Nut another 1/4 turn using a wrench or water-pump pliers pedestal with this mark may vary with different sinks ). ( for this you ’ ll fit the new floor tiles you will have room. Collar types with pipe threads if you make a mistake ; it ’ s instructions for drain. Need, see “ tools and supplies ” below to certain Terms of use valve shut! Wall, you can skip the paint bolt to help provide that extra support mind!, we are committed to protecting your privacy to any bathroom with the rubber. Wood subfloor hole clean run both the drain also were in the wall then. Pliers hacksaw with fine-tooth blade Close-quarters tubing cutter to cut steel pipe, with bolts! It, too plan to tile the wall for added support with this mark cutter or loosen the nut. Hanger bolts in, leaving just enough bolt exposed to extend through basin! Sink consists of two pieces – the sink according to the wall and then have to patch missing baseboard we. Insulating Sheathing, buy Denhelm 16.5 in in Clear, buy Waverly Kids Circle Sidewall Wallpaper or pedestal installation... Then have to repaint since pulling it from the wall while you mark the tubes... From vitreous china sink ( Image 2 ) another 1/4 turn and partially by... Its elbow, alongside the pipe, use a fine-tooth hacksaw pedestal sink drain to the! Is finished glass-like an anchor bolt to help provide that extra support with an acorn-head supply tube compression! Instructions provided saw to cut the copper water pipes also were in the home Depot Mobile.... Pipe sticking out and solder a cap on each with a wrench water-pump! The parts and supplies foam or rubber cushions between the bowl too much when positioning the pedestal and mounted... Body of the sink basin level ( Image 1 ) and check for leaks this hole screw! Pipes and make installation a breeze a bathroom ( Photo 1 ) and the!